iPhone experiment – macro lens

iPhone pictures taken with Olloclip lens adaptor

iPhone pictures taken with Olloclip lens adaptor






I was out this morning experimenting with an Olloclip lens that fits onto the iPhone.  This was done with the Macro side.  As is the case with most macro photography,  dealing with the very narrow depth-of-field was difficult.  These are a couple that came out decent, fixed up a little in Photoshop.


2 thoughts on “iPhone experiment – macro lens

    • If you are interested in using the macro lens then you should try it out first. I had a heck of a time trying to hold it steady enough to get a good shot. I was most successful when I could set some part of the phone against a wall, or branch, or something else that was solid. The depth-of-field was very small so only a small part of the object will be in focus. Still, I have to admit it is a lot of fun to use.

      The fish-eye part of the adaptor is also fun, and also hard to use. You have to be very careful about holding it horizontally or you can get some severe distortion.


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