Venice Waterway (FL) bike path to Caspersen Beach

Man, the weather has been perfect the last few days.  Friday I drove to the converted train station that joins the Sarasota Legacy Trail and the Venice Waterway Trail, and had an excellent 3 hour bike ride.  The Waterway Trail is actually two bike/walking trails, one of either side of a river that leads down to the ocean.  I did the southern side first. This ends at a nature park – mostly just a bit of forest with some paths in it.  Not a lot to see.  Then I came back North to cross the river at a drawbridge so I could pick up the northern side.  From there it was down to Caspersen Beach.  Then back again across the drawbridge to the car.  Crossing the bridge the second time the bridge operator signaled the cars that the bridge was about to close so they could raise it for a boat.  I was passing the air horn just as it went off and it nearly took me off the bike.  Good grief.

Beginning at the train station looking north to a small commercial area and school:



It quickly becomes more scenic:



That is pretty much what it looks like from both sides, although from the north side looking south you do see more residential neighborhoods.  After riding both sides I ended up at Caspersen beach.  This is where they find teeth from prehistoric sharks in the sand.  I have no idea why this particular beach has sharks teeth but it does.  You can always see a few people with baskets on sticks sifting through the sand looking for them.





Toward the end of the ride a bald eagle came in from the river just 20 or 30 feet in front of me and swooped up to the top of a tree that was next to the path.  He sat there for some time,  letting those of us with cameras take his picture.




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