Mangrove on the half shell

I did my first 30 mile ride yesterday, from the north end of the Sarasota Legacy Trail to Caspersen Beach in Venice, and back.  Just before you get to the beach you leave the waterway and go through a wooded area that has a small river running through it.  On either side of the river are Mangroves.  Here is a shot of the small bridge that the bike path uses:


There is a sign on the bridge that says this part of the river is a breeding area for Oysters. That appears to be an understatement.  Here is a shot looking down from the bridge:


That is not gravel or rough soil beneath the water, but Oyster shells.  Many thousands of shells covering the entire river bed.   And the photo shows a small Mangrove tree taking root in the shells.  Pretty cool.

Here is a much larger Mangrove tree a little upstream from the bridge.



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