perfect weather

This is when living in Florida can’t get much better.  The last couple of weeks have been fantastic.  Temps in the low eighties, no humidity, clear sky and the tourist season hasn’t really begun yet. Early morning walks on the beach are beautiful.


3 thoughts on “perfect weather

    • In Florida the humidity is what makes all the difference. The humidity in August and September can can make doing any sort of yard work or exercise difficult during the main part of the day. This time of year the temps are still very warm but the air is dry and it is a joy to be out and about, especially when you live near the beach.

      18 C ( 64 F) is about what the mornings here are too. Day time temps can still get up to 25-30 C. January mornings can get down to 7-10 C. That is really cold for me now.

      • I know what you mean about humidity. Here we tend to say it is muggy, but fortunately for us it doesn’t get unbearably humid very often. Average January temperatures are around 5 degrees I think, but recent winters have seem them go as low as minus 5 in the day, and more in the north, which is very tough. I’d love to visit Florida some day. Blessings.

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