flower power

It looks like someone was carrying a tray of flower seeds, tripped over a rock, and spilled them in one spot.



2 thoughts on “flower power

  1. Thank you very much. I’m not sure I can come up with that many sites to recommend, though. I should spend more time investigating other WordPress blogs. I started this blog because I had such a large number of photos and wanted something to do with them. And it gives me another way to sort of keep in touch with a few friends “back home”.

    It looks (from your site) that you live somewhere in S.E. Mass. I was born in Carver, spent the school years in Yarmouth (on the Cape) and then lived for a long time around Boston. Now I’m happily retired to Florida. I have heard that some of the old mills in that part of the state are being revived and sometimes see clothing being advertised on sites like Orvis that emphasize “made in Massachusetts”. I hope that effort is successful. It would be great to see the clothing industry come back to Ma.

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