life in Florida

It was such a nice day yesterday ( in the 80s, sunny) that I drove to Myakka State Park to see if the summer flooding has cleared up.  It certainly has.  And the tourist season hasn’t really started yet so there were not too many people.  I stopped at the parking lot where you can take a boat ride around the lake to see the alligators and thought this sign was funny:


I parked at the far end of the lot and took the trail that leads out to an observation deck.  The walk is only a few hundred feet through some marshy area.  This is what I was met with at the deck:


They were unfazed by me going on to the deck.  There was a lot of harsh scratching noise from claws-on-metal-roof as they walked around above me.  Creepy.  When I got to the other side this is what I saw:


Also, note the presence of the alligators hanging out by the spillway.  The view on the other side of the river looked like this:


I tried to look extra healthy. Probably not a good time to sit down to rest.  Keep moving!

What a perfect visit for Halloween.



2 thoughts on “life in Florida

  1. Awesome! Did you know that the turkey (and black) vulture has sterile feces? This, from a species who eats bacteria infested, rotting flesh. But you don’t want one of these puking on your windshield, to be sure. LOL I would love to see this kind of gathering. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. I was told that the reason for the signs is that the vultures will land on your car and go after the rubber parts, like the windshield wipers or the rubber seals around the windows. I don’t really know if that is true. I have never actually seen any of them sitting on cars.

    Right next to that sign was one that warned people to beware of alligators.

    At the nature area I frequent we have to warn visitors who go off of the wood walkway, and cement sidewalks, to look for fire ant nests. People often walk along the sidewalk that runs along the boundary of that wetland, with their binoculars raised, looking for birds, and not paying attention to where they are standing. That can be painful.

    Sometimes it does seem like everything in Florida is out to eat you, bite you, or drive you crazy.

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