Old paper and creating tone

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I am using up some old Moleskine notebooks that have yellowed paper.  Rather than seeing this as a problem I prefer to see it as a reason to go to the art store and buy more stuff.  Can’t have enough art stuff.  I left the store with a hand full of bottles and tubes that I wanted to test.  My goal was to get large areas of black background and white highlights (using brushes).

The winners are:

Holbein Jet Black gouache,     Daler Rowney Pro White

The Jet Black gouache is remarkable. It is the sort of black you would expect in the vast areas between galaxies where no light can penetrate.  It is the sort of black that causes the lamps in the room to dim when you open the notebook because all the light is being sucked into the infinite darkness of the drawing.   I like it.

The Pro White is very thick and covers extremely well. I’m not sure if this qualifies as ink. I would never put it in a pen. It is more like paint.


The other options didn’t really come close to this.  In the drawing below the top sketch uses a black calligraphy ink called Calli and the bottom sketch uses Higgins black ink (not the fountain pen india ink, the one in the smaller eyedropper bottle).  In both cases the white is Dr. P H Martin Bombay white india ink, which I thought was the best of the white inks.


If anyone reading this has what they think are better choices feel free to leave a comment.



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