colorful Koi – part 2

Here is a shot of the same fish a second or two later.



3 thoughts on “colorful Koi – part 2

  1. Thanks. BTW I like your site. Until I retired I lived in Woburn/Burlington area of Ma. I took my cameras many times to the Concord area and have been past the building you mention often. And I spent a lot of my summer vacations in Maine. First in Boothbay, then Camden, and finally settling on Bar Harbor and Acadia Nat’l Park. It’s interesting how the photography changes depending on where you are. My photos of Maine have that blue-foggy-moody feel to them and now that I’m in Florida the photos are usually bright and colorful.

    • Thanks, Neil. Interesting about locations bringing about color changes in your photographs. One of the most colorful places I’ve visited is Bermuda, seems even the sky and water are more blue/green there.

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