An Osprey Morning

I went to Quick Point on Long Boat Key this morning just as the sun was starting to come up.  There is a path you can follow through the Mangrove trees and along a bit of beach. You eventually get to an observation deck on Sarasota Bay.  And of course, this being Florida and all, there are lots of tiny biting insects trying to get to you.

Still, it was beautiful.  This is looking at Sarasota just north of the city:


The sign is one of those “Resume Normal Safe Operation” signs that tell boaters that they can go a little faster and not have to worry so much about your wake.  As the sun came up it was obvious that the sign was home to a family of Osprey.  Here is Mom and her two hungry chicks.


The Dad returned with a fish shortly after.  Normally the mother Osprey will take the fish, tear it up into little pieces, and feed it to the chicks but they seemed to do fine on their own.  The father Osprey was agitated and did a lot of squawking.  I suspect it was Osprey talk for something like “There!  That should hold you kids for another 5 minutes.”




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