hot and hazy

I got fed up with Adobe when they went to the subscription model but I’ve been assimilated.  I now subscribe to the Lightroom and Photoshop option.  This is a re-edit of a photo I took quite a while ago, done in Lightroom. I like the editing part of it a lot but the file handling seems awkward.



2 thoughts on “hot and hazy

  1. I have watched a lot of the videos. My favorites are the PhotosInColor guy. He is really a character. The videos help but I think that Adobe has just never been that good at creating friendly user interfaces.

    I guess I understand why Adobe went to the subscription model – I think at one time Photoshop was the most pirated software. They must have felt they were losing a lot of money.

    The biggest surprise is how little I feel the need to actually use Photoshop. Lightroom does pretty much everything I need. And it supports the free NIK plugins which I have always liked a lot.

    As far as the cost is concerned, I just cancelled one of my video streaming services and the Adobe subscription is the same amount, so my bank account will be pretty much unaffected. I think people are getting used to the idea of subscribing to things now – TV, radio, video, etc.

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