Suburban Egret

In Florida, it isn’t so much a matter of trying to co-exist with nature – it’s more like having to keep it from devouring you whole (kidding.  sort of.).   When I go out my door there are always a few Anole Lizards that scurry away. Groups of Ibis come through regularly to peck at the lawn. A friend has Sandhill Cranes in their yard. Looking up I usually see hawks, Vultures, and Osprey and the occasional Kestrel or Kite.  Ants, wasps, flies, beetles, spiders, and assorted creepy crawlies are always trying to get in.  And I have to use weed killer to keep the grass from sending runners up the side of the house. The lawn is always getting dug up by Raccoons and Opossums at night.  A couple of months ago there was a Bobcat at Pinecraft Park, a mile or two away from my house.

This Egret was fence sitting outside a store I was about to enter, watching the curious humans go about their business.



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