Ominous. Except for the rainbow.

This is a good example of how photography depends on being in a certain place at a certain time.  The two photos are only a minute or two apart but have a different feel to them.

I decided to put the cameras in the car and go to Lido Key Beach Saturday morning as the sun was coming up, even though the weather radar showed some storm activity.  I’m glad I did.  I got some great cloud/weather pictures. There were also a lot of shore birds to watch.  The Black Skimmers that nested on Lido Key had their chicks, who now looked fairly self sufficient and were no longer in any danger from the predators that were trying to go after them a couple of weeks ago.  For some reason there were a lot of Ruddy Turnstones as well.

Here is the view looking North from the public beach.  I’m glad I wasn’t under that rain.


And a few minutes earlier when the light still had that orange morning color to it:


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