ready to dive

An Osprey who has spotted a fish and has the claws out, ready to go into the power dive that will give him his meal.

We seemed to have missed the worst of the storm.  I can hear the wind outside now and we had a major amount of rain but the storm, now a hurricane,  went North of us.  Thank Heavens. Now I have a lot of emergency beans and beef jerky that I have to eat.



2 thoughts on “ready to dive

  1. Lately I haven’t had as much time as I’d like but I’d always try and squeeze in a moment here and there to view your work. I really enjoy your photography!

  2. Thank you very much. The site started as a way to sort of keep in touch with friends when I retired. That turned into a way to do something useful with the photos I take. I love photography and photo editing but I don’t print them or anything, so having a blog just seems like a nice way to share. It also provides a push now and then for me to get out and find more photos. Thanks for the nice comment.

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