warbler washout

The Warbler migration has hit this area and the place to go is Pinecraft Park.  I tried my luck yesterday and got nothing.  The Warblers were mostly at the top of tall trees and moved so fast that getting a good photo was impossible.  It was fun to see all the varieties but still frustrating to come home with so little.

I did grab a few iPhone panoramas just to show a bit of what the park looks like.



here is someone’s list from yesterday, copied from a local news group:

Golden-winged Warbler
Blue-winged W.
Bay Breasted W.
Worm-eating W.
Hooded W.
N. Parulas
Black & White W.
Magnolia W.
Chestnut-sided W.
Tennessee W.
Am. Redstarts
Waterthrush (heard)
Swainson’s Thrush
Gray-cheecked Thrush
Red-eyed Vireos
White-eyed V.
Yellow-throated V.
Acadian Flycatcher
E. Wood Pewee
Summer Tanagers
Scarlet Tanager

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