A Vulture Wednesday

So, I got to the Celery Fields just as the sun was coming up and walked over to where there is a small creek that runs under the road.  I stopped at the bridge and was thinking about how overcast and gloomy it was.  Probably the distant effects of the hurricane.

I heard a noise, looked up, and saw maybe 30 or 40 Vultures circling just above me and they were coming down fast.  Some landed on the bridge next to me,  more perched in the tree that was there, and another big group settled on the bank of the creek.   I was surrounded by vultures.  I half expected a dark hooded figure to step out from behind the tree, point his bony finger at me, and say “You, come, it’s your time.”   Yikes.

I have to start being a little more animated I guess.





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