Little Green Heron

Pictures of birds from the front like this crack me up.  This guy looks like a Muppet.

This has been a good breeding year or certain birds, for example Little Green Herons. There seems to be quite a few.  Also, Purple Gallinules, Tricolored Herons, and Black Skimmers seem to have done well.



2 thoughts on “Little Green Heron

  1. I always thought the GH more resembles a bittern. In my constant quest to see a Least Bittern, the GH — even with his stunning plumage — disappoints me often in a field lens!

    He does look like a muppet. Nice shot.

  2. Spotting a Least Bittern may depend on the time of the year. Earlier this summer, maybe August, there were a lot of them here zipping around between clumps of grass but I haven’t seen any at all in the last month or so. It helps if you have a local news group you can check before you go out. Is there an Audubon group in your area?

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