White Pelicans

I only see White Pelicans for a few months in the winter.  Even then it isn’t that common, but Wednesday I happened upon a lot of them.  I was returning home and stopped at Ackerman Park.  This isn’t really much of a park exactly – just a rectangular body of water about 1000 x 800 feet, surrounded by small commercial buildings, a cow pasture, and some grass fields.  There were maybe 60 or 80  Pelicans in the water so I stopped to take some photos, even though they were quite a distance away.   As I stood there some motion caught my eye and I looked up to see another 100 or so circling high above me.

It was hypnotic watching them going around and around. They must have caught an updraft because they seldom had to move their wings to stay aloft.  I love the Pelican’s strange combination of goofy awkwardness and graceful flying and it is even better where there are this many of them.

Also – this also gave me an appreciation for the combo of the Panasonic GX8 body and Panasonic/Leica 100-400mm lens.  A lightweight combination with very good reach and image quality.







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