Hot and Humid

The title leaves out – grey, miserable, rainy, bland, sunless, and bad for photography.



3 thoughts on “Hot and Humid

    • That is an option but a lot of my photos are taken with a telephoto at max. For the camera I use that would be about 800mm equiv. so there isn’t much latitude with shutter speed. The polarizer would make me use a higher ISO setting, which is already pretty high.

      Plus, I don’t really want to go out if I think I’m going to get rained on, which is sort of what the last two weeks have been like.

      We usually get a lot of rain here in the summer but it usually is sunny in the morning. The storms pop up spontaneously in the afternoon. For a couple of weeks there hasn’t been any sun at all and the rain can come at any time. Yech.

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