After spending most of my life around Boston, working as an Electrical Engineer,  I had enough of the cold weather and moved to Florida.   I have always loved photography and a WordPress blog seemed like the perfect outlet for that.

I live in Sarasota, so the new photos will have a Florida theme.  There are still a number of older photos from New England I can post though.

There is no grand scheme to the blog, just various things that I think someone might like looking at.

I am also a recent convert to biking.  Here is a photo of me from a ride at Myakka River State Park.  No alligators in the picture, but there was one in the small stream in back of me.


Here is a selfie of me, looking a bit fuzzy (one of the benefits of being retired), also from a visit to Myakka River.  The lake in the background has a lot of alligators, which can be seen safely from the comfort of a large airboat that will take you around the shore.


I started another wordpress blog to have a place to post photos that have been edited on the iPad or iPhone. They are the result of playing around with the photo apps that are available for the IOS platforms. Some are good and some are just odd.



Neil M.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. You have some fantastic pictures on your blog – I particularly like the use of reflection in several of your pictures. It was a simple decision to press the follow button. Well done

    • Thank you very much. I don’t usually think about themes when I’m out taking photos, but I do notice that there are never any people in them, and the nature shots are usually “idealized” in some way – something that’s been isolated or located in a quiet spot. Although, rather than coming from a philosophy I think it is the result of having taken so many photos that I pass over the scenes I know won’t work very well.

      One of the best things about photography is that it gets you used to looking around when you are out for a walk. I see things now that I probably would have ignored otherwise.

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