Bard Owl

I spent a lot of the morning at Pinecraft Park looking for Warblers.  There were not too many, and the ones I saw were at the top of the trees and behind leaves so getting a good photo was difficult.  There were, however, a couple of Bard Owls.  I was called over to them by the loud hooting that could be heard through most of the park.



Morning in Black and White

I don’t normally do very much with B&W but will try it out if there is enough contrast in the picture.  Lightroom makes it pretty easy to experiment.  This early morning photo turned out reasonably nice.  It was taken just as the sun was coming up at the Celery Fields.



An Osprey,  hunting for some warmer weather.  I shouldn’t complain since it has been awfully nice lately, but today a cold front is moving through and there is a chilly wind.


Immature Little Blue Heron

Egrets in Black and White