Purple Gallinule

Many of these are at the Celery Fields now.  In fact, there are at least two nests close to the Raymond Ave deck.  One has 4 eggs that are visible with binoculars.


Hot and Humid

The title leaves out – grey, miserable, rainy, bland, sunless, and bad for photography.


Little Green Heron

Man, is it humid.  Usually this time of year I can go out early with the camera and not feel too uncomfortable walking around until mid-day.  Yesterday I said the heck with it before 9.  I did get some good shots though.  Two Little Green Herons flew into a tree right next to me as I was walking from favorite spot to another.  The one on top of the tree seemed very interested in me and watched closely as I walked by.


Ruffled feathers

A Little Green Heron.  I don’t know if it was drying its feathers or wary that I was getting too close.


Adolescent Little Blue

I don’t think this is the same bird from a couple of posts ago. There does seem to be a few of them in the same area.