Red-Winged Blackbird

Yellow Crowned Night Heron is annoyed

I have taken a picture of this particular Night Heron more than a few times since it always seems to be in the same general spot when I’m out walking at the Celery Fields area.  This time it gave me look that seems to be saying “You again.  Can’t you just leave me alone.”


Hot and Humid. Still.

We are going through a period where there is a lot of moisture coming up from the South.  Whew.  Here is a shot from yesterday morning. You can see the moisture in the air.


And here is one of the many Marsh Rabbits that thrive at that location, enjoying the dew on the grass.


Purple Gallinule

Many of these are at the Celery Fields now.  In fact, there are at least two nests close to the Raymond Ave deck.  One has 4 eggs that are visible with binoculars.


Hot and Humid

The title leaves out – grey, miserable, rainy, bland, sunless, and bad for photography.