Little Blue Heron

An immature Little Blue, in black and white.  This is from a color post last summer some time but I thought the B/W was a nice way to show the transition to full color.



Little Green Heron

P1010880This little guy was standing at the top of a small cement spillway between two sections of wetland.  It was concentrating intensely on the water and pretty much ignored me as I walked by. I’m not sure but I think the coloring makes this an adolescent.


Ruddy Turnstone


I was looking through a folder from a few years ago and found these.  This is actually part of an art exhibit at a museum.



Snowy Egret – in warmer days

I have not been out in a few weeks with the camera.  Florida, like a lot of the country, is rather cold (still not bad though).  So… this photo of a Snowy Egret stalking a person fishing on Lido Key was taken some time ago.