Hooded Merganser

I don’t normally see these little ducks at the places I go with the camera so it was a pleasure to find these two.




Boat Tailed Grackle



The remarkable thing about the photo is that it was taken at quite a distance, handheld, with a lens equiv of about 800mm.  I was walking along a small stream that provides drainage in the Celery Fields area when I heard the Cardinal’s melody.  I don’t normally see too many song birds in that place so it was very noticeable.  When I saw the brilliant orange it was in a tree on the other side of the stream.  I’m not that great at estimating distance but I’ll say 50 feet.  I didn’t really think that any of the shots would come out but I did manage to get this one, which is a pretty severe crop of the original.


Palm Warbler

Yesterday started out foggy and cool but turned into a beautiful sunny day.  It was great being out for a walk with the new Panasonic G9 camera.   It’s quiet and fast and I appreciate the 5 stops of stabilization.  With the Leica/Panasonic 100-400 (equiv. to 200-800) that much stabilization is useful.  And, it focuses much faster than the previous body I was using so I hope to get more birds in flight.


Little Blue Heron

A companion post for the previous Little Blue Heron photos.  What the little one will grow up to be.