King Rail Chicks

It can be difficult to get photos of a King Rail.  They aren’t really in the open that often and when they are they move fast.   So, finding a couple of them up close being followed by 3 of their chicks is a rare treat.  The chicks look like they are only a week or two old.



Least Bitterns (part 2)

Least Bitterns everywhere

How would you like to have Least in your name?  Seems like an insult.  Compare that to the Magnificent Frigatebird.

Going bird watching at the same locations over the course of a year lets you see some interesting changes.  Least Bitterns are supposed to be here all year but don’t really see any at all in the winter.  Then, all of a sudden,  they are everywhere you look.  A few days ago I was at the Celery Fields area and they were coming right up to the observation deck and posing for the cameras.

I really like these little guys.  They fly with an easy to spot “bottom heavy” appearance,  and always seem to look angry or intense.



Roseate Spoonbill

I found this Spoonbill in a sort of stream that runs along one of the wetlands that I go to with my camera.  The water was in a shaded area so the lighting was a bit difficult, but it does show off the start of the Spoonbill’s breeding plumage.   There can be more dramatic changes, especially the coloring around the head.  I always have thought that the eyes are creepy when you see them up close.


deadline friday

The photo reflects my mood today.  I’ve been putting off filling out the tax forms so I am out of time and have to do it today.  Blah.  It gives me the opportunity to post a dark and vaguely ominous picture.  Double blah.