Teal and Brown

A Blue Winged Teal.  This was taken at one of my favorite locations. It is a long straight drainage ditch, actually more of a creek, that runs along one side of a wetland.  It is deep enough that the sun doesn’t reach the bottom until mid-morning but does brighten up the grass and bushes along the top edges.  The result is a soft lighting and rich colorful reflections in the water.



Monday, as I was getting out of my car with my camera, I heard a great song being sung just above me.  It came from this guy, who was sitting on a wire enjoying the early morning sun.  I wish more songbirds hung out around my house.


And here he is airing out his feathers.



When I stopped at Ackerman Park to take the photos of the White Pelicans from a few posts ago this guy was 10 feet above me, sitting on a branch and protesting loudly the whole time.


Brown Pelican

A Pelican caught in flight.  It was flying by to join some friends farther down the beach after doing a little diving for fish.


Above Normal

We have had a winter that was warmer than normal.  Yesterday was a t-shirt and shorts day.

Here is a morning from a couple of days ago.