Morning in Maine

Took this a number of years ago on the West side of Mt Desert Island in Maine when I was visiting Acadia National Park.

Hanging On


Palm Tree

I think this is a Florida Thatch Palm but I’m not entirely sure and I’m too lazy to investigate. I do think they make nice black and white photos, especially early in the morning when the light is coming in at a low angle. It’s also interesting how hollows behind the stalks of dead leaves hold some water and make a space for other plants to grow. They create their own little ecosystem.

An Abundance of Critters

I hadn’t been to Myakka River in a few weeks so I made my way over this morning. The weather was perfect, and I haven’t seen this much wildlife in a while. Gators, turkeys, deer, Sandhill Cranes, hogs, and lots of birds in the wet areas. And of course the usual vultures. Most of these had young with them. I didn’t see any young turkeys but from the way the males were displaying themselves it looked like they were trying to get some action as well.