Ducks in a box (part 2)

The Wood Ducks from a few posts ago returned the other day and I was able to get some photos of the female checking on the nest and entering the box.

They arrive, looking carefully around:


The female checks out the nest


And decides to enter.  The male turned around to look for predators (I assume) and stood guard on top of the box for a long time before dropping down to the water below.P1050001


Great Blue Heron

Pied Billed Grebe

Certainly not a rare bird but they are fun to watch.  They don’t seem as shy as some other birds, so I often have time to wait for good lighting, a better pose,  etc.

I don’t think I have ever seen one actually in the air flying but I do see them “scooting” across the surface, leaving a wake behind them.

The “Pied” part of Pied Billed indicates a black band on the bill so I’m guessing that this guy is still young.



An Anhinga showing off a fish that it had speared with its beak.  It did manage to swallow the thing whole (couldn’t get a photo of that unfortunately).




ducks in a box

Wood Ducks have taken over several Wood Duck boxes at the Celery Fields.  A couple of days ago I got some photos of a Wood Duck pair coming back to the closest of the two boxes.  The female landed and went into the box and male landed a few seconds later and stood guard for quite a while.  I love Wood Ducks so it made my day to see them active there.