Pink Wednesday



Bayfront Park

Last week I stopped at Bayfront Park and took a stroll around.  I was going somewhere else but was too early so this was a nice place to spend a few minutes.

A few of the boats at the marina :


The dolphin fountain:


And when I got were I was originally headed, I took this photo looking back at the park from a distance (in the far right of the photo).  The bridge is the Ringling bridge that joins the city to Lido Key:


Walking through the trees

This is at the Selby gardens.  The sign says Ficus.  I know that Banyan trees are a type of Ficus.  Are these Banyans?  The Ringling Museum has a few of these that are huge and have swallowed up small statues.




I spent Friday Morning at Selby Gardens.  It is nice to go and sit by the water on one of the wood benches they have in the far corner.  You have a good view of downtown Sarasota there and it is under a large tree, so the June heat isn’t too bad.  There wasn’t anything too special for the camera but I did get a few decent photos.  Here is one from the enclosed Conservatory just to the right of the entrance: