Shadow and Light



Face in Stone

Another face from the Ringling Museum.  Most statues have a generic facial expression, or a stern and serious one,  but this guy seems to have a lot of personality.  He looks like someone you might like to know.


Attitude at the museum

I just upgraded the iMac to High Sierra and was trying out the new Photos app adjustments on some older iPhone photos. This was from a visit to the Ringling Museum  (I didn’t record the artist who did the work).  I like the facial expression and think the black and white conversion came out well.


Yellow Crowned Night Herons

Staying on the theme for one more post here are a couple of the male Night Herons that I see in the location I mentioned in the last post.



Yellow Crowned Night Herons

I mentioned in the previous post that I have been seeing a lot of Yellow Crowned Night Herons at one particular location.  Usually I just see the males but now I’m seeing females and some juveniles, which I almost never see at all.

Here is a very young looking juvenile:


And a female that seems to have taken up residence in a tree that was pushed over into a small stream.  The tree wasn’t like this a few weeks ago and was probably damaged during the hurricane.