One White Feather

This is sort of a psychological test.  Can you look at this photo and be fine with it.  Or do you need to “help” the Little Blue Heron by removing the out of place white feather. I once worked with someone who had to have everything on his desk lined up horizontally/vertically.  I’m sure this would have made him crazy.


Friday Flower

Recovery Wednesday

Had some dental work this weekend and I’m still in the healing mode.  Here is one from the Orchid show at the Selby a couple years ago.


Snowy Egret

One of the Egrets and Herons that will stand next to people who are shore fishing on Lido Key.  I have never seen one get a handout, or steal a fish from the buckets so I’m not sure why they hang around.  They certainly don’t seem very concerned about anyone who passes by.  I get get almost as close as I want with my camera and they just keep a wary eye on me without moving.


Great Blue

This Heron used to be at the Celery Fields observation deck every morning that I went there, standing on the railing and watching the sun rise.  I haven’t seen it in a long time but I found this photo of it and remembered the times we would stand next to each other and enjoy the early hours.