Rothenbach Park and New Bike

A few days ago I traded one of my bikes in for an EBike – the Electra Townie Go 7D.  Tired of the same routes around the neighborhood, I took it over to Rothenbach Park for the morning.  It was bliss.

This is the time in Florida when temps are in the eighties but the humidity is still low. Not a cloud in the sky.  Right after starting on the loop through the park I stopped and watched a Swallow-tailed Kite circling just 15 or 20 feet above me.  Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Cardinals were frequent along the trail.  There was also a Fawn, one of the resident Alligators, and lots of squirrels and rabbits.

It was so nice that I went through the 4 mile loop 3 times, stopping mid way through the ride for a snack.  The soundtrack for the ride was the relaxing Spa Radio channel that Apple Music provides.

As the path enters the woods (the fence separates the park from one of the bazillion golf courses in Sarasota):





Alligator taking in some sun:


Where I stopped to eat and enjoy the weather:


Fawn, just as the path comes out of the woods.  It was probably not much more than a couple feet high.  I didn’t see any parent around.  It watched me stop to take a photo, then casually hopped off.IMG_0253

The bike performed well.  It provides 4 levels of pedal assist, making hills and riding into the wind remarkably easy.  It also has the “feet forward” construction,  giving you a much less tiring riding position.  Now looking forward to taking the Legacy trail down to Caspersen beach in Venice.

Osprey Hovering

I watched this Osprey cruising around the area I was in, trying to find itself a fish. As it got close to me it spotted something in the water and remained in place closely examining a spot below.  It did eventually dive but came up empty handed and flew away.




Swamp Sparrow

Great Blue Heron and Snake

I found this optimistic Heron last week at the Celery Fields.  It flew off so I don’t know what the outcome was but I’ve seen Herons down similar size snakes before.




Least Bittern

The look of intense concentration.  Not unlike me at the supermarket, walking past the chocolate display, trying to ignore the Roche truffles.