Ruffled feathers

A Little Green Heron.  I don’t know if it was drying its feathers or wary that I was getting too close.


Adolescent Little Blue

I don’t think this is the same bird from a couple of posts ago. There does seem to be a few of them in the same area.


the Can’t Sleep, Up All Night, Red Eye Post

Sheesh.  We have gone directly from drought to rain every day.  Fortunately last Friday was pretty nice so I was able to get out go for a walk.

Here is a Tri Colored Heron I met one day sitting on a chain-link fence that separates a residential area from a wetland.  I think the red eye is just part of the breeding coloring that these Herons get.


White Ibis

A White Ibis with the brilliant red and clear white of its breeding plumage.


Here comes the sun

Finally, I can look out the window and see bright sunlight.  It seems like weeks of rain and overcast weather. Since we went through months of no rain, the rain was welcome but still …