Palm Warbler

Yesterday started out foggy and cool but turned into a beautiful sunny day.  It was great being out for a walk with the new Panasonic G9 camera.   It’s quiet and fast and I appreciate the 5 stops of stabilization.  With the Leica/Panasonic 100-400 (equiv. to 200-800) that much stabilization is useful.  And, it focuses much faster than the previous body I was using so I hope to get more birds in flight.



Little Blue Heron

A companion post for the previous Little Blue Heron photos.  What the little one will grow up to be.


Juvenile Little Blue Heron

There is just a touch of color coming in on top of its head.  From the tiny size and greenish yellow legs I’m guessing it is very young.

It turned out to be very nice today – shirt sleeve weather with a slight breeze.  This coming week should be in the 70s every day.  Excellent.




Hmmm.  What to eat for breakfast.  Fish?  Or maybe some fish.  Fish would be good today.


Wood Duck

I love these ducks. I wish I could find more of them.